About Us

Welcome to Seven P Capital

7P Capital acquires public companies through a legal court custodianship process. If successful, the company is granted full control of the public entity. We than begin the process to locates private enterprises that have a desire to go public through an Alternative Public Offering. The Company selects companies based on its industry, growth potential and management team.

The cap table of the public company is changed to accommodate the new private company, its owners and investors. At which time, documents are drafted finalizing the merger.

Post-merger, the “new” company is positioned to raise capital from investors using the public vehicle. As the company grows and executes on its business plan, the value of the company’s shares rise exponentially.

As the merger is completed and news is circulated regarding the new direction of the company, interest from the investment community begins to build which drives market prices higher. Upon completion of the merger, 7P Capital will work with the company to raise funds through a Regulation Crowdfunding, Reg A+ or Private Placement Offering.